St James Group of London Chapters

V∴Ill∴Bro. Patrick Penny

Inspector General Designate in Charge St James Group


Patrick will be Installed as Inspector General on 15th April 2020.

Patrick is a Devonian who left the West Country to study History and History of Art at Cambridge, before practicing as a solicitor in East Anglia and London.   He is just as happy in an art gallery or concert hall as he is watching rugby or standing on a tow-path. He rowed at a reasonable level as a younger man, qualified as a coach and is unreasonably pleased that he can still fit into his old boat club blazer.

He was initiated into Blundell’s Lodge in 1991, exalted in 1995, and perfected in Palestine Chapter No 29 in 2000 by his father, who was Inspector General for Devonshire.    He belongs to a number of Lodges and Chapters in London and was the Grand Steward for St George’s and Corner Stone Lodge No 5 in 2013.   He is recognisable in London masonry after serving as MetGDC for a number of years and is currently 2nd Metropolitan Grand Principal.   He was honoured to be JGD in the Tercentenary year, and is PGstB in the Royal Arch.  He also sits on the Committee of General Purposes.

Ill∴Bro Edward Harford 31˚

Group Recorder

Edward was a Sloan Fellow at the London Business School and has run a software company for the past thirty five years.

He is Secretary of the Prince of Wales’s Lodge and was a Grand Steward in 1997. He was Perfected into Holy Empire Chapter No 600 in 1993, made Recorder in 2008 and Deputy GDC in 2007. He is also Recorder of Eton & Harrow Chapter No 323.

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