Athlumney Chapter

Number 164

2nd Wed March, 2nd Tues Dec. (E)

Date of Warrant, 7th June, 1909.  Centenary Warrant.  Lord Athlumney, who had been perfected in the Grafton Chapter, became the first M.W.S.  Beside him there where ten original members, six candidates for perfection and four joining members, most of whom, as one might expect, where members of the Athlumney Lodge. After the Craft Lodge, the Athlumney Rose Croix was the first of the further degrees to be established. This was shortly followed by the Athlumney Royal Arch and later on by Athlumney Mark. One of the prized privileges of the Athlumney Rose Croix is that they are, we think, the only Chapter entitled to wear its own particular jewel on the point of the collaret of the 30th and higher degrees, while 18º members may wear it as a breast jewel. This is an enamel version of the monogram that appears on the summons. It is much prized by our members and admired by others.  How this came about is no longer known: but the Lord Athlumney was no ordinary person and he saw to it that the Chapter he founded took after him.  Current membership 38.  Dining venue: Buck’s Club.





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